Wednesday, November 16, 2005

cloning strata. ultimate body atavism

I am defining corporealization as the interactions of humans and nonhumans in the distributed, heterogenous work processes of technoscience. The nonhumans are both those made by humans, for example, machines and other tools, and those occurring independantly of human manufacture. The work processes result in specific material-semiotic bodies--or natural-technical objects of knowledge and practice--such as cells, molecules, genes, organisms, viruses, ecosystems, and the like. . . . The bodies are perfectly 'real.' and nothing about corporealization is 'merely' fiction. But corporealization is tropic and historically specific at every layer of its tissues (E. Thacker, Bioinformatic Corporealizations )

cloning strata.body atavism 5

cloning strata. body atavism 4

innate apriori prototype / archétype apriori inné

cloning strata. body atavism 3

démembrement du corps humain: artéfacts artistico-virtuels des corporéalisations numériques (F.Liber, 2005)

cloning strata. dance atavism

cloning strata. body atavism 2

cloning strata. atavism

Saturday, November 05, 2005